Strategic Business and Technology Transformation Services (SB&TTS)

3T’s SB&TTS seeks to provide our customers with clear and precise outcomes on new business and technology strategy. At the end our engagement, we provide your organization with:

Strategy and Execution for

  • Transformation
  • Outcomes
  • Business redesign
  • Integration
  • Process Excellence

Our experience working with multinational corporation and government agencies has enabled 3T solidified and enhanced the methodology to enabling your organization achieve the excellence it desires.

Featured SB&TTS Projects:.

K-Net, Network Service Provider in Ghana had an urgent need for a principal authority in Business Governance, Integration and Optimization.

Business Challenge:

  • Need representation with authority for Rural Digital Migration.
  • Technology and business road map and strategy
  • Develop and adopt organizational change and governance methodology
  • How to expand K-NET profile in West Africa and globally

Business & Technology Solution:

3T provided a Business and Technology advisor led the K-NET operational team.

As part of the project, a business optimization team developed new processes to guide overall operations of K-NET.

  • Provided strategic guidance which lead to negotiation and ultimately expansion of K-NET services into neighboring West African countries.
  • Provided deep expertise to K-NET executive leadership on service provision with the Ghana National Communication Authority. This led to the award of the Analog/Digital transformation of national media.
  • Developed and adopted a framework with K-NET business leaders which resulted in a measurable methodology for initiating change and organizational governance.


Business Challenge:

  • Develop collaboration and interconnect between 2 main Mobile Network Operators and the Sierra Leone national telecom regulatory entity.
  • No Quality of Service for MNO providers in the country
  • No entity responsible for universal mobile coverage
  • Poor service distribution

Business & Technology Solution:

Led by Mr. Abiodum, 3T Solutions Consulting, NATCOM negotiated a collaboration and partnership among Aircom and TelAtlantic for a comprehensive and centralized Performance Management solution.

This led to the development of the Quality of Service framework which is now used to govern service delivery to the constituents.

Instrumental in creating a strategic separation and autonomy for a new government entity responsible for extending universal network access coverage. The implementation has led to more accessibility for more of our citizens to improve telecommunications within the country.

Nationwide Wi-Fi Roaming Deployment:

Tier 1 Mobile Network Operator traffic overload on current network

Business Challenge:

  • Increasing cost of expanding data and voice services to new customers
  • Increasing cost highlighted in Capital Expenditure.
  • Extend current infrastructure to support new customer services to increase profit with limited
  • Capital and Operational expenses.

Business & Technology Solution:

Led by Dayo Abiodum, the Executive VP for 3T’s Strategic Business and Technology Transformation Services, Glo and MTN adopted the rapid deployment of Mobile Wi-Fi to resolve the problems with capital expenditure, increase customer base and improve the quality of their product offering.

Providing direct negotiation with service and solution providers, the Wi-Fi implementation completed successfully. The success of the project was extended to Ivory Coast using the same template provided by 3T Solutions.


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