A Free Network Assessment is Unproductive – Here is Why

With the proliferation of Cloud, Software Defined Networks, Dynamic Application Development and a host of 21st Century Digital Technologies on the rise, networks have become exponentially complex.

The expectations in support and availability of networks however has not diminished with these complexities.

Don’t waste precious effort reading through pretend generic network assessment documents telling you the same things you know about your network.

Don’t allow another company to plug network probes and taps into your network where you are not sure what is being captured.

Don’t get sucked into purchasing services and systems which adds to the complexities and does not help optimize your network.

This is how 3T Solutions is disrupting the myth on Network Assessments:

• You Spend half a day with CCIEs & JNCIEs & Cloud Architects reviewing actual issues hampering the efficiency of your network
• Your team gain insights from experts with direct experience from diverse network architectures
• New Methodologies and Designs
• Innovative ideas about network operations
• Our architects draw out the network with our whiteboard session
• Vendor neutral and we can validate vendor statements for you
• Help you choose the options that works best for you.

Our review methodology is proven and results in measurable, actionable and intelligent outcomes to guide remediation efforts.

“Your Business is our Business…. Your Success is our Success”

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