Internet of Things (IOT)

Enjoy the capabilities of monitoring your installed systems by embracing IOT. This begins with connected sensors that channel the flow of data and information into dedicated analytic tools. The data is made available to you for quick decision and notifications on statuses of the systems being monitored.

3T Solutions Consulting offers IOT installation systems to converge your infrastructure and channel the data into intelligent systems. The output of the sensors from your infrastructure enables your organization to gain valuable insights into your business and help you stay on top
of your operations.

We install IOT sensors for:

  • Generators
  • Power Source
  • HVAC
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Lights
  • Commercial and Residential Connected Systems
Our IOT Services has Use case application for the following:

– Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Connecting legacy devices and local sensors
  • Central overview of several critical remotes sites
  • Control of local assets and
  • Performance analytics of infrastructure

-Energy Control and Management

  • Central overview of energy consumption
  • Remote control and automation of switching devices and power infrastructure
  • Detection of interesting consumption of Generator, HVAC as well as optimization and troubleshooting



-Access Control and Management

  • Implement role and time based access rights
  • Keyless entries with keycards/Pin pads
  • Granting remote access
  • Unauthorized entry detection

-Security and Surveillance

  • Detecting theft, tampering and vandalism
  • Detecting perimeter breach
  • Keeping a safe work environment
  • Monitoring physical condition of field staff

-Maintenance Optimization

  • Status of equipment degradation
  • Proactive maintenance analytics
  • Optimize maintenance schedule
  • Remote scheduling of maintenance a


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